Osmile GPS1000 Tracker Watch and Tracking Communication Device for Elderly

Osmile GPS1000 Tracker Watch and Tracking Communication Device for Elderly

The Osmile GPS1000 remote monitoring system provides a complete personal tracking device solution to keep caregivers and their care recipients connected, informed and communicating. 

Osmile GPS1000 combines a watch, pre-activated cell phone, two-way voice interface (no button pushing required) and a GPS personal tracker in an attractive wristwatch which provides direct communications for enhanced peace of mind for caregivers and their care recipients. Osmile GPS1000 comes with OUR Osmile GPS Tracker App for caregivers. The Osmile GPS Tracker smartphone app provides caregivers with notifications for location, status updates, alerts, low battery and direct communication with their care recipient.


The Osmile GPS1000 watch has been specially designed for tracking the elderly living with dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Great for anyone with other forms of memory impairment such as Parkinson’s, PTSD, Autism, stroke, etc. This GPS location watch has all the attributes of a tracker, with hands-free 2-way communications and geo-fence technology to set safe zones for routine activities such as being home, or going to doctor’s offices or stores.



The Osmile GPS1000 GPS Tracker Watch by Osmile is a lightweight, comfortable and non-clinical looking watch, your care recipient will enjoy wearing. The watch displays time in digital numerals to indicate the time so that as a person’s memory regresses, they can be more comfortable reading time in a digital format as they have always done. This GPS wandering device connects directly to an easy-to-use smart phone app that keeps the caregiver connected. The effective 2-way voice communication acts like a speaker on a cell phone. It can assist in providing verbal instructions or communications to the care recipient or persons near them.


Osmile GPS1000 is water resistant - easy to take off for a shower or swim; it can be splashed but should not be submerged. Osmile GPS1000 comes ready to use out of the box, pre-activated, with the time set to the delivery time zone. All your care recipient needs to do is put it on!


Safe Zones

Create virtual safety nets through a simple drag-and-drop feature from a caregiver’s smartphone. Multiple Safe Zones can be pre-set for routine events, or created on the fly to support new location activities. Should a care recipient stray outside a Safe Zone, caregivers are notified directly, before they can wander further with this personal GPS tracking device feature.


Quik Connect

Osmile GPS1000 Link’s two-way audio feature enables caregivers to communicate with care recipients through a voice interface on the Osmile wearable. No button pushing is required by the wearer who will hear their caregiver’s familiar, reassuring voice directly through the GPS watch. Should they become confused or lost, caregivers can still reach care recipient’s via Quik Connect to assure them that help is on the way. 


People who wear Osmile GPS1000 can stay active and independent, enjoying their usual activities, with the added reassurance of knowing they are being looked after remotely by their care partner or loved one.


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